Father Christmas Letters: Changes for 2013

As those of you who’ve had my letters for aeons already know, I write new ones for Rooftop Post every year.Snippet from top of Santa letter for 2013What you won’t know (unless you’ve read it somewhere on their website) is that this year, there’s a difference. This year, they have decided to stop selling personalised letters in favour of providing printable ones that can be given to any child. They will also be free.

While suspect not everyone will like this idea, personally, I think it’s fantastic. Of course, I do worry a little bit about my copyright – I mean what’s to stop people copying and distributing my letters at will once they’re online? But having thought long and hard about it, in the end I said to myself, Leone, giving stories away is a good thing and most people wouldn’t dream of abusing it. And as for the one or two who do… well, I know Rooftop Post (not to mention British copyright law!) will do the best they can to protect my work, so I’m not going to let it bother me.

So there you have it. I’ve agreed that from September 2013 onwards this year’s illustrated story letters from Father Christmas will be available to download and print from rooftoppost.co.uk. What’s more, I’m going to chart my progress in writing and illustrating them right here on my website, just for the fun of it. For now though, all that remains for me to say is thanks for visiting and if you’re interested, I hope you’ll come back and check on my letter writing progress very soon.