Latest Christmas Letter

Illustration of Rudolph from Latest Christmas Story by Leone Annabella BettsI’ve been ever so busy over the last few weeks so I’m afraid it has taken me a long time to post this, but a new Christmas letter of mine was added to last month for you to print out free. I entitled it “Rudolph’s Fishy Tale” because it tells the story of Rudolph’s run in with a rather annoyed mermaid. Story-letters about Rudolph have always proved popular and I think Father Christmas rather enjoys writing them. I hope you and your children have fun reading it. It can be enjoyed any time before Christmas.

Provided time allows, I have one more free Santa letter to write and illustrate for Christmas this year. (If I can’t manage it, it will be made available for next year instead – but I will try my best!) At the moment, there are two one page letters available for before Christmas, and one two page letter for Christmas Morning. As I’m sure most of you reading this are already aware, they’re available here. Rooftop Post asks you to share them on Facebook and Twitter in order to access them, which I think is nicely in keeping with Christmas spirit. Marketing and so forth aside, if you like something free online, it’s always nice to tell others about it, so that they can benefit too.

I know there are many of you out there who love the Father Christmas letters and I thank all who have taken the trouble to write and tell me so – such messages always make my day. I will try to keep you posted as to the progress of the new Christmas Morning letter as I write/illustrate it but it the meantime, thank you for you interest and for visiting my site today. Oh, and it goes without saying that I hope you’ll have a magical Christmas in 2013.