Who Am I?

Leone Annabella Betts in 2012So, who am I? Well, not in a metaphysical sense obviously. Actually, I’m adding this post on the advice of a friend, but I find it rather difficult writing about myself. Other subjects, no problem, but when it comes to me I’m never sure quite what to say. Still, I suppose for the sake of this site I should give it a whirl.

My full name is Leone Annabella Betts, but I tend to use “Leone Annabella” instead of the whole thing. People are always asking how to pronounce my first name – it’s Italian and to an English speaker it would sound like: “lay-own-nee” with the emphasis is on the central syllable. I’m actually English, though my very early years were spent in France near the French-Italian border, then up until the age of fourteen I lived in Wales. As a student, I also spent time living in the Middle East. Consequently, I speak a couple of different languages and tend to dwell on the similarities between us all rather than the differences. I have tendency to think globally and I love the fact that we are living through a time which sees human beings increasingly connected to each other. In the main, I am positive about our future and think that ultimately, the human race will become better, wiser and kinder… provided we manage not to destroy ourselves in the process.

In work terms, there is a giant bleed between what I do for a living and what I would do anyway, even if I couldn’t get paid. I paint, I write, and I have my own small business. I like books, films and storytelling of all kinds. I believe in being busy – I think it staves off depression and increases a general sense of self worth.

What else? I don’t know… I don’t like selfishness and I destest liver and onions. Nepotism worries me. I have a small number of very good friends who are like family. The best of these is my co-writer, Keith Dando – independent, talented, funny and endlessly upbeat – without him I’d be lost. If I was asked to sum up what I think is most important about life in one sentence, it would be, “Be kind”. I learnt that from my mother – a fantastic woman from whom I believe I inherited all my creativity and then some. Thanks Mum. That’s it – that’s all I have to say!

Leone Annabella Betts, October 2012
Leone Annabella Betts, October 2012