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Leone Annabella Betts

Hello and welcome. As you’ve no doubt guessed by the name of this website, I am Leone Annabella (Betts). I’m a Yorkshire-based writer/illustrator and I specialise in children’s illustrations and stories, with a wider interest in screenwriting and poetry. Across the board, epistolary fiction, (in the form of letters), and narratives written from the perspective of characters taking part in the story hold a special fascination for me.

Online, I am probably best known as the writer/illustrator of the Father Christmas letters at Rooftop Post, which have sold as hard copy in their thousands and been downloaded free in their hundreds of thousands. To date, I have created over fifty of them – all handwritten, illustrated in watercolour and telling a different Christmas story.

Beyond that, I have a broad portfolio which includes greetings cards designs and other artworks for various individuals and firms, several co-authored screenplays which have placed well in international screenwriting competitions, and three short ebooks for children, including the rhyming Christmas picture book, Santa’s Cat.

When I’m feeling brave, I also teach. Or more officially, I lecture. It isn’t really lecturing though, not with creative writing. My classes are more like workshops – everything is about helping students build the very best narratives out of their own, individual story ideas. My areas of educational expertise are English and creative writing with particular emphasis on screenwriting. If storytelling is what I love best, teaching is very close second. It has brought me into contact with so many wonderful people and I would lose something special without it. At the moment, I can be found tutoring online and occasionally lecturing, most recently at the Northern Film School in Leeds.

What is the point of this site?

Goodness knows. Hopefully, not to show off. I set it up some years ago because I felt I should have a website… without having any real idea of what that website should be for. Some vague notion of “creating a web presence” was floating around in my mind at the time, back in the day when it wasn’t done for you by your workplace or other people, so I suppose it was that.

I gave Facebook a go but didn’t like it. Twitter I liked a lot more but I’m too lazy to fit my comments into a certain number of characters. I use it occasionally. YouTube terrifies me – I’m the camera-shy type. The free blogging sites were tempting… but the moment I was faced with writing a coherent article about anything non-fictional, writer’s block would descend. Which brings me back here.

The fact that this site doesn’t have to be anything in particular is the reason it works. For me anyway. Whether it works for you as a reader is another question altogether but even if it’s not what you were looking for, I hope I haven’t bored you and thank you very much for stopping by.

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