Children’s Fiction


Rather unconventionally for the world of children’s fiction, the majority of my time has not been spent on writing books, but letters. Father Christmas letters to be exact, which over the last fifteen years, have been enjoyed by thousands of children all over the world.

Originally, each letter was personalised and sent to order via a small business called Rooftop Post. Today, I still make one or two of them available on Rooftop Post’s website as free downloads and every Christmas, visitors flock to the site to print them out for the little ones in their lives.

If you have found yourself on my website because you are looking for Christmas letters, you might like to know that I supply Rooftop Post with new ones to make free in November and December. For the latest “before Christmas” letters, you should keep an eye on this page. You can also keep up to date with whatever I’m creating on my Musings page.

Young Adult Fiction:

I’m in the middle of writing a young adult novel as part of my PhD.  I have no idea how it will turn out.  Hopefully, it won’t be dreadful!


Along with my co-writer, Keith Dando, I have now written and illustrated three children’s books: Santa’s Cat, The Secret Life of Grandma’s Cat and Grandma’s Cat and the Silver Planet. They are all available worldwide in Amazon’s Kindle store. The most popular has been Santa’s Cat, which is a picture book aimed at children aged 4 and above. We are currently working on a new picture book for the same age range, which we hope to finish by Easter 2021.

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