On the writing front, I divide my time between screenwriting and children’s fiction. I was recently longlisted for the 2014 Manchester Writing for Children Prize.

I have an MA in screenwriting, a PGCE in English and over ten years experience in children’s fiction. I am best known online for my Father Christmas letters. I have written for children in prose, humorous verse and lately, a more literary poetic form. You can read some of my children’s poems here.

In addition to writing alone, I work with a co-writer, Keith Dando. Co-writing has been a steep learning experience for me but I have enjoyed every moment. It particularly lends itself to screenwriting and simple children’s stories. I suspect it would rather less successful as a way of creating literary work. Indeed, in order to fully reap the benefits of co-writing, you need to be aware of its limitations. That said, good co-writers can inspire each other to make best use of strengths, regulate each other’s weaknesses and create clarity at the speed of light. To date, Keith and I have co-created screenplays and short, humorous children’s books. Possibly the most popular of our co-creations is the children’s story, Santa’s Cat.

As may be obvious from other parts of this website, I also have a profound interest in teaching creative writing. Other writers and their working experiences are as important and engaging to me as my own. I have developed an extensive interest in screenwriting narrative theory and am particularly fascinated by the relationship between intuitive writing and the more conscious process of applying the three act structure.

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