Children’s Poems

About My Tone

Some of the following children’s poems lean towards the literary and are contemplative in tone. If you are looking to find humorous verse or magical children’s fiction such as the Santa Claus letters, try navigating from this page instead.

The truth is that I create children’s poems of all kinds and I never know whether one is going to be serious (if that’s the right word) or light-hearted until I’ve finished it. What I do know is that someare attempting to express a specific but hidden meaning, some are telling a story and some are just about the joy of words.

Like all writers, I hope you find something in my work which speaks to you.

The Other Side

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Why Poetry

Of Note: In 2014, I was lucky enough to have one of my poems for children, “tech-tock”, longlisted in the 2014 Manchester Writing for Children Prize. It has now been published as part the “Let in the Stars” anthology.