The Other Side

Will you look after Grandma?
I heard my sister say
One ashen morning when we found
Our cat had slipped away.

Will you look after Grandma?
And she gave his fur a stroke
While Mummy winced and looked away
Like something in her broke.

You’ll know her when you see her
My sister whispered, sure,
She’ll be in bed because they said
They couldn’t find a cure.

No, no, cried Mummy softly,
It doesn’t work that way,
Grandma’s better now she’s gone,
She isn’t ill, okay?

But… but you still go to Grandma
Said my sister to the cat
‘Cos even if she’s well
She probly misses me and that.

And when you find my Grandma
Please tell her not to cry
Because I’m always with her
So it never was goodbye.

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© Leone Annabella Betts 2014

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