Letter from Father Christmas: “The Giant and the Fairy”

Letter from Father Christmas, "The Giant and the Fairy", written and illustrated by L A Betts

Letter from Father Christmas:
“The Giant and the Fairy”

This letter, entitled “The Giant and the Fairy”, was written and illustrated by Leone Annabella Betts in 2006. Father Christmas’ curly handwriting was done in black ink and the illustrations in the letter margins were created with gouache and watercolour.

This letter is not currently available for sale or to print, however, you can get copies of other similar letters by Leone free from rooftoppost.co.uk

Useful Info: Very occasionally, Leone puts an original Father Christmas letter up for sale. As little works of art, there is a big demand for Leone’s original letters and they sell from £499 upwards. If you wish to be informed next time one is available to buy, feel free to join her mailing list. Leone is always happy to add your child’s name by hand to any original letter purchased.